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How to get your first book published

We are the City

Writing | Publishing

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wanted to write a book ever since you were first able to read one. But how do you get your first book published?

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How to build a career out of being wrong

Bad Form Review

Writing | Diversity | Publishing

A satire opinion piece giving a unique perspective on the controversy surrounding author Kate Clanchy.

Give a woman a mask, and she'll take you somewhere new.

Mslexia Issue #93

Writing | Publishing

"When you write, your soul can be genderless and borderless, multilingual and free."


Why do you believe you're a woman?

An Injustice!

Feminism | Politics

Like the protagonist of Driving by Starlight, author Anat Deracine dressed and passed as a boy for years in Saudi Arabia. She weighs in on gender issues in support of trans rights.

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Publishing is a Wedding, Writing a Marriage

The Writing Cooperative

Writing | Publishing

Insights on the writing life after publication from novelist Anat Deracine.

5 A's of Decolonized Editing

Book Trust

Writing | Diversity | Publishing

Advice for writers of colour on how to maintain their authentic voice when being edited for publication.