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Diversity in Tech.....with Anat Deracine

Born in India, and raised in Saudi Arabia, Anat Deracine (dera-seen) is fascinated by cultural narratives around equality and the portrayal of women. Raised by liberal parents, Anat was allowed to dress as a boy so that she could do sports and take part in other activities that girls were not permitted to.

Anat and her family moved to Canada, and then to the USA when Anat was a teenager. These multi-national experiences fed her interest in politics and philosophy. She has two degrees which she studied concurrently – one in philosophy and one in computer science. This dual talent for creativity and technology has continued through her life: Anat joined one of Silicon Valley’s major tech companies after university and worked her way into a senior role. As such, she is active in driving diversity in the tech sector – both for those who work in it, and for the masses who use it.

Writing under a pen name she is the author of the novel Driving by Starlight, about a girl growing up in Saudi Arabia; co-creator of an online comic called The Night Wolves; and author of many short stories, including The Divine Comedy of the Tech Sisterhood about inequalities in technology.

At The Culture Ministry we know how challenging and lonely it can be working in Diversity and Inclusion, and how progress is often slow.

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