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In the Media

"Authors are a twitchy, malcontent bunch. To write at all, we let in the world, with all its ugliness and terror..." Read More


"When you write, your soul can be genderless and borderless, multilingual and free." Buy the issue


"Just as there is nothing as sexy as someone comfortable and confident with their unique body, there are few things as compelling in fiction as a unique, confident voice." Read More


A Dog Called Diversity

Apple Podcast

Anat Deracine is fascinated by cultural narratives around equality and the portrayal of women. Listen to the podcast for a view on what can be done to change the tech industry.

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The Independent Publishing Magazine

On agents leaving the industry

"Publishing is a labyrinth with obscure rules and pitfalls. Many soon discover, to their shock and horror, that publishing a book traditionally can take years. And those are the successes." Read More

Gothic Cathedral

"If you’re anything like me, you’ve wanted to write a book ever since you were first able to read one. But how do you get your first book published?" Read More

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"You must find the perfect performance of helplessness to bring allies in. Never claim actual helplessness, because nobody likes a whiner." Read More

Mobile Phone

"Intentionally hopping genres can be enlightening and liberating..." Read More


"asking a published author for advice on getting published was a little bit like asking a newlywed for dating advice." Read More

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 “Are you a boy or a girl?” And because I was a smartass, I replied, “I’m an electron. Particle and wave.” Read More


"It's not just about Saudi Arabia. It's about any kind of situation where you are pitted against people... you can walk away by making the right kinds of friendships." Bonus episode for International Women's Day


"Surely the query letter ought to show off my command of vocabulary, and my flair for long, hypotactic sentences (and the fact that I know what hypotaxis is)? No." Read More


"AAAAA. A primal sound. Universal. The scream of the writer upon receiving the kind of feedback from an agent, editor or publisher that doesn’t just make us feel invisible or misunderstood, but somehow deficient." Read More

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