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Anat Deracine

Anat Deracine is the pen-name of the author of the Publishers Weekly and Kirkus-starred YA novel, “Driving by Starlight” (Macmillan, 2018). She writes on the themes of women’s friendships and relationships, and their struggles with oppressive social structures. Her short story, “The Divine Comedy of the Tech Sisterhood” highlights inequalities in the tech industry and was featured on the front page of Medium. She has also written several articles on writing craft, technology, and decolonization, for Publishers’ Weekly, Writer's Digest, Mslexia, The Writing Cooperative, and more. She has been featured in interviews and podcasts on writing craft, gender and feminism, as well as on diversity issues in the tech industry, where she currently works as an executive.



Her Golden Coast
Golden Gate Bridge
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Her Golden Coast

One is meek. The other brash. Can two broken souls find a place they belong?


San Francisco, 2007. Laurie Lamont craves security. Having survived an abusive father and snared a job as admin for a Silicon Valley startup, the twenty-something stays focused on the three H’s – home, husband, and healthcare. But when she discovers her would-be spouse is secretly in love with another man, Laurie fears her dreams are destined to crumble.


Malini “Mal” Kumar is unapologetically herself. Loud, outspoken, and direct, the bold Indian woman flees her controlling family and their plan to force her into an arranged marriage. Facing a tough real estate market, the fiercely independent woman accepts a roommate offer from a female techie she barely knows.


Thrown by unfamiliar feelings, Laurie falls for Mal’s extraordinary strength, while Mal finds herself captivated by Laurie’s loving kindness.


With social forces conspiring against them, can these emotional opposites find their forever?


Returning to the boom-and-bust era of turn-of-the-21st-century California, author Anat Deracine delivers a thought-provoking tale of unanticipated love. With gorgeous, lyrical prose, she explores the beauty and terror of sapphic awakening at a time when same-sex marriage was illegal and women were afterthoughts in the toxic tech-bro-dominated world of the emerging online economy.


Her Golden Coast is an uplifting work of LGBTQ+ historical fiction. If you like strong queer characters, well-crafted turns of phrase, and deep themes of liberation, then you’ll adore Anat Deracine’s story of unexpected opportunity.


Buy Her Golden Coast to follow a road less traveled today!

Her Golden Coast is a razor-sharp insight into San Francisco’s tech scene. With astute observations on gender, class and privilege, it perfectly captures – and skewers – one of the world’s richest cities and the unique blend of people that occupy it. Behind the bite and wit, however, is a tenderly rendered queer love story that gives the novel a warm and beating heart. I’ll be thinking about Laurie and Mal for a long time to come. 

Kia Abdullah, Author of Times Bestseller THOSE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR 

Driving To Starlight

Driving by Starlight

In this debut YA friendship story set in Saudi Arabia, two girls navigate typical teen issues—crushes, college, family expectations, future hopes, and dreams.

"Leena’s commanding voice conveys her desperation, courage, and intellect in a riveting, ultimately exhilarating page-turner." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

"The fast-paced narrative and unexpected twists make for an engaging yet educational novel with a powerful message about the complexities of being a woman in a man's world." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

A 2019 CCBC best-of-the-year recommendation

by the University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Deracine offers an eye-opening window into the rigidly restricted lives, clandestine rebellions, and consequential choices of women in a land where “everything we want is forbidden or dangerous.”

Publisher's Weekly Starred Review

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The Night Wolves


In this sci-fi webcomic adventure, four students at an elite university agree to being tracked by advanced biometric implants... in exchange for a free education and a chance at a million dollars. 

What could possibly go wrong?


Disruptive Seasons Live 2021

No heroes: Disrupting the system sustainably

Author and technologist Anat Deracine leverages her 15 years of experience to deliver an inspirational talk to new technologists on why the hero's journey leads to burnout.


Inspirational Woman: Anat Deracine | Author & Technologist

"I’m not the same person I was ten years ago, or even ten days ago. I don’t tie my identity to the past, and am comfortable with evolving as I need to. This makes me open to growth, to making mistakes and learning from them. I know no successful person who has not learned to pick themselves up from failure."

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