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The Divine Comedy of
the Tech Sisterhood

You believe in yourself and you’ve read Lean In and gone to Grace Hopper, and are armed with a myriad certificates in leadership, influencing and negotiating skills. You’re convinced you won’t fail.

This is a story that you should come to when you’ve failed.

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Driving by Starlight

"A powerful message about the complexities of being a woman in a man's world." — Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

I turned away from Mishail, letting hot tears slide into the pillow. I wanted to tell her, I do understand, Mishy. How it feels to want something so much you might end up setting yourself and the world on fire to get it.

"I know it's dangerous," Mishail said. "Everything we want is forbidden or dangerous. I just don't care.

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The Night Wolves

In this sci-fi webcomic adventure, four students at an elite university agree to being tracked by advanced biometric implants... in exchange for a free education and a chance at a million dollars. 

What could possibly go wrong?

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Stories by Anat Deracine
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